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The Real Journey

Real talk Coach Ria here.

Let's keep a few things in mind when we decide to start a journey.

Especially a fitness journey!

🤜🏽A journey isn't linear.

🤜🏽Transformations aren't clear cut.

🤜🏽Change is inevitable.

And my favorite lately:

⭐Nothing changes if nothing changes.⭐

The mindset shift it took to start MY fitness journey was EPIC.

I decided that I wanted to be the mom that could play IN the playground.

The mom that was fun, that could ride bike and swim and be exciting.😝

I wanted my husband to want me. Like want me, want me.😈

I had enough of living in worry and anxiety. Not feeling good enough for anything really.

I no longer wore cute clothes.

I didnt relish time with my husband because all I thought of were my flaws.

I decided that running was my ticket to handle my anxiety and self doubt. The Disney races gave me something beautiful to look forward to.

I learned strength training was the ONLY way to prevent injury and look how I imagined I could look.

At 40.

I accepted balanced nutrition was the ONLY way to keep the work I had done. Not quick fixes, not fad diets. Nutrient dense and a balanced diet that was sustainable. No Keto or low carb or unsustainable counting and measuring everything.

I relied on external motivation for a while.

Then it became my own motivation, because I felt GOOD!

Then running, lifting and eating well became my habits.

My way of life.

I know how you feel. I've been there.

Want to change?

Sign up for a free consultation.

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