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After having my second child I felt lost. As someone who has always lived with anxiety and depression, finding the motivation to move at all was difficult. I discovered my love of running by accident. I was challenged that I could not run a half marathon nor did I have the discipline to train. 

I’ve run a few since then. 

Running changed my life. Not only did it teach me discipline, but it also gave me the strength to accept and come to terms that I needed help for my depression, anxiety, and OCD.

With clarity and no longer using running as my primary source for my mental wellness. I discovered resistance training. My body evolved into another being, my mental health improved again! That self-confidence, that I had in my twenties returned. I loved the way I looked in my clothes, and that reflected on the inside as well. 


I became a personal trainer because of my passion for fitness, and I’d like to teach others how to evolve into the beings they were meant to be. Any form of movement, let it be running,  biking, and/or resistance training can jump-start your next chapter.  Exercise clears your mind.


I believe that fitness and mental health go hand in hand. Relentless Rebel Revolution was born from my determination, the need to break society’s expectations of what being a woman, a mom, and a professional are. We can be strong and mothers.


We can be professionals, fit and fun. 

I truly was made to rebel, I love testing limits and will always be my authentic self.

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