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Remember What You Loved Doing as a Kid? Satisfy Your Soul By Doing It Again

My coffee kicked in and I'm feeling all inspirational and motivational like a bad ass trainer and coach!

I was thinking about my childhood, don't worry I wasn't all sad about it. I remembered how much I loved to ride a bike, climb things and run.

Guess what I loved to do?



I ran like I was Cheetara.

I liked moving fast and loved to feel powerful.

I rode my bike like it may have been a real damn horse.

I also loved Xena Warrior Princess. If you know me, it makes perfect sense.

Why I love what I do, why it makes sense that I want to be strong, fit and powerful.

Studies show that if your fitness routine includes something you LOVE to do, you will stick to it longer.

What did you like to do for fun as a kid?! What do you love to do NOW?

Let's talk about it on social, Instagram and Facebook.

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