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Make Room For Your Wellness Before You're Forced to Make Room for Your Illness

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Deciding to START a fitness journey is life-changing.

Self-reflection, finding your values, {which helps in finding your "why") and goal setting are a few of the tools needed to develop so you're ready when life catches up with you.

And it will catch up.

That's when you NEED to depend on the army you built throughout your life. Your health and wellness.

First, let's define health. If you search it on Google, she states it's "the state of being free from illness or injury."

Wellness, however, has been redefined, expanded, and specified to include more of what makes us - HUMAN.

Using a multidimensional perspective, it's:







Physical wellness is the start for many. It starts a snowball effect of changes and deep thought. It's the endorphins.

My fitness journey started with a physical wellness goal- you can check out that story on my Instagram here. That goal has evolved into a multifaceted one that includes ALL the aspects above. I strive daily to reach wellness, with the understanding that it's not a destination; it's a journey.

Where are you on this journey? If you're feeling stuck- grab my 5 Words to Finding Your WHY: A Cheat Sheet When You're Stuck.

It's going to shed some clarity and remind you of your values, which in turn will make your WHY easier to come by. Once you have your why you will be able to push through the harder times.

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