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5 Ways to Finally Start Exercising

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

How are we starting this health and fitness journey? We already know it starts with "WHY". Let's talk about HOW.

Here are FIVE actionable steps you can take this week.

  1. Start small. Like walking.

  2. REMEMBER what you LOVED to do as a kid

  3. Don't overcomplicate things. Start at home, with your body weight.

  4. Find your "WHY".

  5. Commit YOURSELF.

It's number 4 for me in all honesty. Once I discovered "WHY" I wanted to transform my mind and body, there was NO going back.

I understand life is busy, with kids, our careers, and personal life it's hard to get started. So start small, like with WALKING. It is the most underestimated tool for physical wellness. Walking increases serotonin helps cardiovascular health, and gets you in the mindset for more daily activity.

I loved to run as a kid. I mean like running all the time. I love running now, as an adult. How did I find that love again? I just DID it. I committed by training for a race. You can do something similar. Hate running? (I mean, who hurt you?!) Dig deep to find what you loved to do as a kid - even if it was ninja fighting (kickboxing anyone?)

Don't overcomplicate your routine. Body weight is a great starting point. When you can complete 15 reps of each exercise without feeling like you're dying, add some dumbbells. Then slowly add no more than 10% of that weight weekly. It's supposed to feel hard, at first.

I know, I know, here I go again on the finding you're "why".

This has changed my life. LIKE CHANGED IT!.

Grab Simon Sinek's book. You can grab it here. For legal reasons, I have to tell you that is a paid link through Amazon associates. Every time you purchase the following one, I get a small commission. So thanks! The book outlines how finding your "why" will always ensure that you are on the right path in your life. It's not just about surviving, it's about living a purposeful life.

Finally, commit yourself. Promise yourself that you WILL start this journey, and JUST DO IT.

I'm here to guide you through your journey- schedule a COMPLIMENTARY 30 min call with me.

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Coach Ria

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