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Finding your "WHY" will get you out of the rough spots in your health and fitness journey.

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

As humans, we have the innate need to find what makes us feel complete. This then drives us and gives us purpose. We need to feel connected to something other than ourselves to move forward in life successfully. Our societal structure now, however, doesn't allow for this type of reflection and self-exploration. Having time for self-reflection is how we #evolve. Like the butterfly, we MUST continuously transform and change.

When we get stuck, it's our own limiting beliefs that refuse to let us change. We don't accept the need for it and we sink into dangerous and unhealthy patterns that inevitably get us to a place where we feel lost. Even exacerbate emotional imbalances.

When life is being, well, LIFE, filled with difficulties and stress, we tend to let go of the most important piece.

Our health.

When this happens, and we are lucky enough to notice, we need to come back to our fundamental selves.

Our values.

Finding our values is difficult, yet with enough practice, it becomes a place where you can come back and check on yourself from time to time. There are several values tests available online, I like this one. It's the easiest to reflect on. Once you've completed that, grab my Self-Reflection and Goal Setting Guide to your Evolution. This is a detailed workbook to help you envision and reach your goals-get it here.

After you've completed the quiz, you'll have your keywords- ranging from Accountability to Financial Stability to Courage. What do you do with these values, now that you've found them? You fit them into the life that you've envisioned for yourself. Of course, I'm talking about health and fitness, but this can be applied anywhere in life.

I reflect on my values from time to time and ensure that my path stays true.

My values, based on the Personal Values Assessment Quiz, are:

  • Family

  • Health

  • Inner Harmony

  • Meaningful Work

  • Courage

With these simple words, I can reset, find my true North and reevaluate my life.

My "WHY's" 👇🏽

My girls. I meditate, exercise, and eat well daily. Not only to set an example but to be able to keep up with them.

My Mental Health- we all know that exercise boosts levels of serotonin, but did you know that exercise creates NEW neural pathways? Studies have shown to improve hippocampal neurogenesis- which is regenerating the part of the brain that is in charge of emotion, behavior, motivation, and memory.

My Balance. Exercise helps me refocus me "too intense" focus. When I have a relapse of my OCD, my mindfulness is there to support me and bring me back to ME.

My Calling. So cringe, as my oldest would say, but so true. Being a coach, or a personal trainer, to motivate and educate people on how to achieve their goals. Man. That alone keeps me going at times.

Being Brave. For me, this is doing the things that make me uncomfortable. Sharing my story, putting myself on camera, and risking being internet bullied.

But mostly, so I can do this. So they can live a life as KIDS. Playing, exploring, and LIVING.

We talk through all this with my personal training and coaching services. Interested? Book a call here.

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