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5 Things You Need to Do When Life Gets Hard

Last week, we DECIDED that we are starting this journey for our family, to lower our A1C, for our need to feel confident in a bathing suit and we love the way exercise makes us feel. We want to play in the playground with our kids, play catch, run with them and not just be another soccer Mom. We use these values when life gets tough, and we know it will.

Being able to come back to these reasons will help you focus when life slaps you in the face. Haven't grabbed my complimentary guide, 5 Words to Finding Your WHY: A Cheat Sheet When You're Stuck? Get it here and start (or restart) your fitness journey.

What do we do when life gets tough? Well, unfortunately, we fall back into old habits, we stop walking, we stop eating well and just grab the good 'ole bottle of wine after a hard day's work. These relapses are a normal part of life.

What we do AFTER we have them is key. Coming back to your WHY, those values you painstakingly found.

What do we do when life gets hard?

  1. Consistency- follow the plan you have in place. All. The. Time.

  2. Get a gym buddy or hey, hire a certified personal trainer!

  3. Get inspired. On social, follow only people who PUMP you up to exercise. Not that make you feel bad.

  4. Think of how GREAT you feel after each workout. That immediate rush will keep you coming back for more.

  5. Reflect- did you do too much? If you did, let's reset. Go back to basics. Work out at home, go for long walks. The point is to move.

Remember your health- we live on borrowed time.

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