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Tips for Navigating the Caloric Dense Holidays

It's that time of year again, the endless holiday food parade. Delicious cookies, coffee, and warm pie straight out of the oven. Most of us tend to have two different mindsets during this time- either NO to everything we see, or YES to every delicious morsel.

No matter your goal, and even if you don't have one, you must learn a few techniques to navigate this time of overindulgence.

Let's get something clear first: I'm a no-nonsense coach and will always give you real talk.

Herr are some easy tips to follow this holiday season.

  1. The first thing you need to remember is that food is fuel. We will use this fuel to power our bodies.

  2. Define your goal. Your goals dictate how much food we require. If we are on a fat loss journey, we need less food. If we are on a strength journey we need more food. Yes, it's that simple. Well, sort of, we will talk more on the nuances in weeks to come.

  3. Track your intake. Trackingyour calories allows you to wee what you're really eating. I recommend my clients track their calorie intake, with NO change in their eating habits for a minimum of two weeks before we make any changes to their caloric goals.

  4. Add veggies. The ONE technique that I utilize to help my client’s behavior change is to incorporate fresh foods into their diet. We ADD foods instead of eliminating them. Adding 2 fresh fruits to your diet daily, a handful of spinach or a cup of broccoli to a meal is easier than eliminating your daily chip or diet soda intake.

  5. Drink water. Another tip is to drink water right when they wake up. Add only one behavior at a time, so the behavior sticks around.

When it comes to diet, it is important to view food as fuel, and not place a “bad” or “good” label on it. The holidays are a time to enjoy our traditions. Food is a requirement to nourish and fuel our bodies. In addition, calorie counting should only be used as a temporary tool to help you align with your goals. It is a tool to help you contininue being consistent with your daily habits during this time.

I created a guide to help you stay aligned with your goals this holiday season, grab my Freebie- 5 Stress FreeTips to Navigate the Holiday Food Parade here.

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