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Evolve and Soar. Why You're Getting Fit and Trying New Things This Fall!

You're here because this piqued your interest. You're here because you DO want something ELSE, but don't know what.

Isn't it time for a journey of self-discovery and personal transformation? This post and our upcoming 6-week challenge, Evolve and Soar, is all about that.

I didn't want to call it a "challenge" but it is...I as your favorite online coach is challenging YOU to once again, step out of that "safe space".

I've taken the time and meticulously designed this program for YOU – the super moms, the everyday heroes that scurry here and there. Women that feel disconnected from who they were and want to feel sexy and powerful again. This challenge is all about breaking from the usual, stepping boldly out of your comfort zone, and embracing new and exciting activities, thus making a start toward evolving into an even stronger version of yourself.

Imagine the thrill of trying out strength training, pole dancing, aerial silks, kickboxing, boxing, and even stretching and mobility routines! Yes, we know, it may sound a bit daunting at first, and that's okay. Remember, growth begins at the edge of our comfort zones.

It reminds me a bit of Gal Gadot's wonder woman- how she can bring so much feminine energy while she's kicking ass.

That's the vibe I'm going for.





The Evolve and Soar challenge presents an all-inclusive fitness program with the sole aim of empowering you to reimagine who you can be, and what you are capable of. Whether it's unleashing your strength and athleticism whilst boxing, experiencing the elegant athleticism of pole dancing and aerial silks, or soothing your mind and body with much-needed stretching and mobility exercises, we've got it all lined up for you!

We believe that mothers are not just caregivers; we are unwavering towers of strength and Resilience. Late nights with socks kids, whilst being sick ourselves, groceries, meal planning all while running a business or a busy school schedule. We CAN do hard things.

Evolve and Soar is HERE amd READY for those ready to transform their perspective and ignite a newfound passion for fitness.

Starting from October 14th, right through November 25th, we're inviting you to join us in this exciting journey of strength, wellness, and redefining personal goals by stepping outside of your comfort zone. With this challenge you're choosing to redefine the way you see yourself.

We guarantee you, it's not just you who will notice this beautiful transformation – your children, your friends, and your family will too!

Let's brace ourselves for this exciting

journey. It's time for you to Evolve and Soar. Because, dear mothers, you are more powerful than you think!

Join the wait list here.

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