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The 3 Steps to Finding Your Why!

I sound like a broken record, I am well aware. We hear it all the time- it's not motivation that will get you there it's your "WHY". Motivation wanes. If we depend on it too much we won't achieve what we really want- change. That's why you're here right?

To find out HOW to change.

My biggest tip as a personal trainer, nutrition and wellness coach? Finding your values.

We've discussed it a lot over on my Insta this week, check it out below. Go give me a follow while you're there🤘🏽

I get it, sometimes we get stuck and we need a gentle nudge. It's ok to feel that way, and most of us feel a little lost after kids.

Finding our REASON for doing things is what gives us meaning and direction. Changing your lifestyle is hard. Know that having our reasons clearly defined will give us meaning and direction. It keeps us focused on the bigger picture, helps us stay motivated, helps us stay committed and helps us stay on track.

I know with these simple 3 steps, you will find your path.

1. Define your core values.

2. Analyze each value in relation to your life. Are your behaviors a reflection of them?

3. If not, write down your values and your vision on how you can stay true to them.

Define your Core Values

We're looking for meaning here. You want to get started on a health journey but don't have a solid reason why besides "I want to lose weight" or " I want to be faster." The big question is: Why do you want to lose weight? To look good? That's ok if it's the only reason, we'll talk about that in a bit. To improve your health?

Many people just don't know how to and that's okay! In fact, it's normal. A lot of us go through periods where we just don't feel connected with our bodies, our jobs, or where we are in life in general, but there are ways to find our "why" and make our life more meaningful.

Exploring your current behavior in contrast to the behavior you want will allow you to see where the missing gaps are. What is important and actually possible to achieve?

Analyze Your Core Values concerning Your Life

Do you value health and wellness but don't pencil in physical activity nor exercise? Do you drink "one glass" of wine to help you with stress? How can you change these behaviors so you can embody your core value of health and wellness?

What small changes can you make starting today to ensure you can reach them? It doesn't have to be complicated, a simple change like adding a 10-minute walk daily will get you closer to your goal of "health and wellness". Even setting a bedtime routine can help you start the process of transformation.

How can you achieve this vision?

I like to coach my clients with a simple exercises. Envision how you felt at your BEST in life. Remember how it felt to be in that period. What you wore, what you did daily, how your thought process was. Never really felt your "best" write down the habits of what you think YOU at your best would do. You mustn't compare yourself too much to others. This is a self-discovery exercise, not a comparison one.

Let's do it! Get Your Journal Out!

1. Define your core values.

I have three core values that I stick to, which are family, resilience, and balance. I've spent a lot of time defining what those mean to me, and it took a life-shattering experience to REALLY put them in the forefront. Head on over to my Insta if you want to learn more, but for now, let's use the above as an example of how to do this exercise.

2. Analyze each value concerning your life. Are your behaviors a reflection of them?

For this to be successful, we need to be honest with ourselves about how we are living our life. It was an official diagnosis of OCD that made me reflect if I was living in alignment with my family. Was I behaving like a good mother, or wife when I was stuck in my head, filled with nightmarish thoughts? Was I balanced when all I did was work all day to alleviate my intrusive thoughts? I knew I needed to change, so I did. It started with going on leave from my then 9-5 job in healthcare. That time away made me realize that I needed to find balance, and the life I was living was not accommodating my mental health. I left my 23-year career and with it,a stable income, schedule, and solid "knowing". For those of you with anxiety, you understand how frightening this can be. This experience helped me realize that I needed to be resilient, that I needed to learn and ACT like I could handle anything life threw at me.

3. If your behaviors do not align with your values, write down your values and vision on how you can stay true to them.

I meditated, and I journaled. I worked on, and still work on, staying the course daily. I imagined my day obsession and compulsion free. I envisioned taking the girls to school in a nonfrazzled mindset. I worked on my mind-body connection at the gym, and my mental clarity with meditation. Was this easy? No, but a path worth taking rarely ever is.

It's ok if you're not where you want to be. Where are you NOW? What small things can you change to get you closer? This process is going to take time, but once you know where you want to go, everything else will fall into place.

Almost 2 years after my huge revelation I found my "WHY's" 👇🏽

Family. My girls. I meditate, exercise, and eat well daily. Not only to set an example but to be able to keep up with them.

Health- My Mental Health- we all know that exercise boosts levels of serotonin, but did you know that exercise creates NEW neural pathways? Studies have shown to improve hippocampal neurogenesis- which is regenerating the part of the brain that is in charge of emotion, behavior, motivation, and memory. With my mental health wavering at the time, I need to ensure that this muscle stays sharp.

Balance. Exercise helps me refocus my "too intense" focus. That's OCD for you. When I have a relapse, my mindfulness is there to support me and bring me back to ME. I ensure that I am not working more than 6 hours in a row and that I have connected with a human that loves me.

Helping Others. My Calling. is So cringe, as my oldest would say, but so true. Being a coach, or a personal trainer motivates and educates people on how to achieve their goals. Man. That alone keeps me going at times.

Resilience. Being Brave. For me, this is doing the things that make me uncomfortable. Sharing my story, putting myself on camera, and risking being internet bullied.

I'm here to guide you through this- I know my 5 Words to Finding Your Why will help you get started. Grab it here.

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