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It's Movember and we're talking Men's Health.🤘🏽

I honestly cannot believe it.

November already!

If you follow me on Instagram you know we're talking all about Men's Health this month.

We're discussing mental as well as physical health, the steps you can take to improve your mindset, physical health, and your relationship with food.

I'll guide you through your true potential with physical and mindset shifts.

Disclaimer, yes I know, I'm a feminist- and this is exactly WHY we're doing this.

That means we're equal.

So in the spirit of equality, let's deep dive into what issues men are facing.

Mental Health

Recently, there's been more discussion about mental health and men than ever before. Stress levels are skyrocketing and men are committing suicide at a rate 3 times higher than women. Nearly half of people who commit suicide are male. Why?

I blame toxic masculinity, now I may lose some of you here, but we're defining it so we're clear- straight out of Oxford Dictionary: a set of attitudes and ways of behaving stereotypically associated with or expected of men, regarded as harming men and on society as a whole. Some traits: are dominance, violence, and control to assert power over women.

This stereotypical behavior hinders men from growing as humans and connecting to their health and wellness journey.

Physical Health

We're trying to avoid stereotypes here, but most men are smokers (14% vs 11%), avid drinkers (58% vs 41%), and partake in little to no physical activity.

Am I blaming toxic masculinity here again? Why, yes. Research shows that men are less likely to visit the doctor for wellness checks (I have experienced this firsthand in my old life as a healthcare administrator), and find it hard to schedule doctor appointments and physical activity along with their stressful careers. Another interesting fact is that men's brains are wired differently- and react to stressors in a flight or fight response. (We're talking about those 0-60 moments).

Muscle Loss

Have you noticed that you just got a GUT after about 35 and all that beer went straight there?

Men experience an 8% of LOSS of muscle mass every decade.

So what happens with muscle loss? We start to keep fat around our abdominal area- hence "Dad Bod". The fat that is kept isn't subcutaneous (outside the organs), it's visceral fat which is (around your organs) dangerous.

Check out how Movember was founded here.

So join the #movember movement by visiting the site, and choosing a challenge to participate in. Here at Relentless Rebel Revolution, we're walking 60 miles this month since we can't grow a mustache.

Be sure to sign up for our email list to hear about our programs first. Let's be real friends! Sign up here🤘🏽

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