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#fridayfitness facts

Some amaaaaazing #fridayfitness facts here from #realtalkcoach Ria🤘🏽

  1. Muscle requires more energy than fat tissue. So, lift weights.

  2. Muscle DOES NOT WEIGH MORE than fat. It's yeah, lift weights.

  3. Cardio is catabolic. It breaks down muscle tissue, and without the right energy refueling, well, the body will take the more expensive tissue. So, lift weights.

  4. Muscle is HARD AF to build. So relax ladies, you ain't gonna be swole with a noncustomized 12-week plan. So, lift weights.

  5. Muscle adapts, after some time, your running legs will need more than just, well, runs. Wonder why you're not getting faster. So, lift weights.

Overall lesson here:


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