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Finding your Passion. Occupational and Intellectual Wellness Dissected.

I didn't become an ACE Certified Health Coach for fun, it's one of the hardest certification tests I have taken in my career in fitness. I decided that incorporating wellness into my personal training business was a key component of WHY I do what I do. I started this business to show women; parents that they could follow their dreams, especially during such an uncertain time in THEIR lives. Their children growing up.

I realized that my life was unbalanced when I was at the top management level in a growing healthcare management company where I spent 14 years of my career in. I now understand that the imbalance I felt was because my career and my core values were not aligned, and thus led to my mental illness. I was overwhelmed and under-stimulated, not feeling fulfilled in my calling. I needed to challenge the status quo ( I am a rebel after all!) and create innovative new ways to guide people on their fitness and wellness journey.

I must highlight a few points, I was never really passionate about anything related to my career. The thought of setting up practice management datasets for the rest of my life wasn't exactly thrilling until I was allowed to offer practice management consulting services and coach physicians and staff through changes in their offices. I adored coaching them through the changes that we planned together, I felt appreciated and valued. Until I wasn't. You guessed it, the pandemic changed many things in the healthcare world, including technology. I was adept at implementing healthcare technology and often had back-to-back meetings guiding physicians on how to utilize virtual visits, how to use the technology they were being forced to use, and how to improve their day-to-day in the "new normal". I heard mixed opinions of the "new normal" and the disparity many patients faced with maintaining their healthcare and the hit the physicians took monetarily. Look, there will always be physicians who become physicians because they are "smart" and want to make the lucrative 6 figures, and then there are the great physicians who choose the field because they want to care for people. When I realized this, it led to my awakening that the goal of the company I worked for was not aligned with my values and I needed to change <- no one will change for you! I then knew what I wanted to do was help the struggling parents I saw DAILY on my social media feed and in my daily meetings with those same parents, disguised as physicians and administrators. I needed to help them with their wellness and health through fitness.

I quit my job in October of 2021, to dedicate FULL-TIME attention to Relentless Rebel Evolution and I've never been happier. It's become my life mission to empower, educate and assist people in understanding wellness. Not just physical but all aspects.

This week we're discussing, you guessed it, occupational and intellectual wellness. I feel that these two are the most often overlooked aspects of wellness in our American hustle culture. It's also serendipitous that April is Stress Awareness Month!

What does Occupational Wellness Mean?

Occupational wellness is how you feel at work. It's the sense that you're making a difference, learning new things, and getting support from your employer. If these elements are not part of your day-to-day experience with your work life, it can lead to undue stress, depression, and anxiety.

For example, a doctor who loves her job may find herself happy and fulfilled in her career because she enjoys helping people; however, if she doesn't like the people she is working with, or her patient load is too heavy, her mindset around her career will suffer as a result of being unhappy with her occupation. This physician may find it easier to go straight home and binge-watch Netflix rather than take a cooking class or spend quality time with her children since she has spent all her energy trying to balance an out-of-balance work life.

Finding Work-life Balance

This is where a health coach's perspective comes in. How can YOU find that balance? Ultimately, you are the master of your own life and know what works best for you. I can tell you to wake up at 5 am and meditate, however, this will not work if you are a night owl and find the best time to reconnect with yourself after a long day is at 11 pm. What we can offer are some tips for you to meditate on so you can decide whether this works for you.

  1. Plan. Schedule every moment in your life. I know, it seems so controlling, but as a business owner, mom of two, and someone with a fairly busy social life, planning saves me from a lot of stress (and who needs an extra meeting on a Friday)

  2. Set FIRM boundaries. My mentor and old boss taught me this skillset that to this day, I follow. There are NO social media on Sundays. I turn my phone on DND (do not disturb) and set it to sleep at 7:45 pm.

  3. Set blocks of time for different activities. Time blocking is another technique that has helped me immensely.

  4. Take Breaks. Walk outside. Here is where my personal training shows. Take those 10-minute walk breaks and move!

Don't Be Afraid to GROW in Your Career and Life

The dimensions of wellness merge into other aspects of wellness. If you're feeling stuck in your career, maybe hiring a business coach can help you work out some kinks and open your mind to other possibilities in your career. Personal development is a term that is commonly used among MLM companies and does serve an excellent purpose. You are challenging yourself to grow. Reading a book weekly, or taking a class for something out of your comfort zone. Intellectual wellness is just as important as any other aspect of wellness, especially when we're feeling like we're stuck in our careers.

What is Intellectual Wellness, exactly?

It's simply put, challenging your mental capacity and trying new things.

You can challenge yourself by seeing the world with a curious mind, following up with all those new ideas you are inspired by, and trying NEW things- we're talking OUT of your comfort zone. Reading NEW books that are not part of your usual genre or taking cooking, fitness or college classes on topics that interest you. This is why I challenged my self to try new things. I've started Kickboxing at Iron Fist Gym as a self-defense class and I am loving every minute. Come check it out on Instagram- if you're local to Miami, give us a visit!

Finally, being curious about the world and not being afraid to explore it. This has been another life changer for me since getting the Jeep in 2021. We've been packing up the beast and exploring Central Florida's forests, and springs and spending time with our local National Everglades. Traveling to explore your local community is another way you can develop your intellectual wellness. When you're exploring the city/town you've lived in your entire life (or a long time) with a beginner's mind (or tourist mindset) you, develop confidence in your decision-making and nurture the adventurous side of yourself.

Hope your week continues to be amazing!

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