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Let's increase your physical activity. This is how.

Whether you've been a couch potato, an office worker, or a fitness beast, embracing the need for physical activity is crucial to your routine.

Not only does it help improve your cardiovascular health, and prevent cancer, and diabetes but being physically active also helps bolster your mood and even fight off depression and dementia.

Yes, just being physically active.

Let's clear a few things up first. Being physically active, for the sake of this blog, does NOT include your scheduled exercise.

I know.

How dare I?

Hear me out. The CDC, you know who they are, states that a human needs 150 minutes OR MORE of moderate physical activity a week.

That's a 30 min walk 5 times a week.

Or 60 minutes of walking 3 times a week.

Or 3, 10-minute walks 5 times a week.

Or 2, 15 min walks 5 times a week.

The activity does have to illicit some type of response though- so that's where moderate activity is recommended.

What is moderate activity, exactly?

It is a brisk walk, bike, or swim, keeping your heart rate between 65%-76% of its max capacity.

So for me, those are walks where my HR needs to hit 115bpm up to 135bpm or so.

Now, this isn't planned exercise this is simply moving.

PS it's what YOU love!

As your Coach, I'm recommending you start your fitness journey with small, attainable goals. Simply walking can help you get started!

That's where most coaches get their 10k steps a day from. These are steps that simply get you active!

Here are 5 easy ways to get your steps in

  1. Walking (parking far from the front of the store, using stairs instead of elevators)

  2. Gardening

  3. Dance Party

  4. Clean the house (just 10 min of pick up twice a day)

  5. Biking

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