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Dad Bod to God Bod - the Strongest Version of YOU

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Dad Bod. A muscle-free physique that's soft on the outside and often quite beer-soft on the inside as well! Dad Bods are real, and it happens right around your first child.

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In general, as people age, our bodies change, we lose muscle mass, and we gain extra fat around our abdomen. This fat is dangerous as it accumulates around our organs.

Men experience a decrease in testosterone levels, bones become weaker, and libido tends to wane. I'm sure you've heard it all before, with this change often comes depression, anxiety, and feelings of guilt.

Marvel even mocks fun of Dad Bod with Thor in End Game, however, we know this had a deeper meaning.

We will discuss emotional and mental health later on this month, but I wanted to touch that with Thor's loss of his identity (and everyone he loved) he turns to video games and beer drinking which then led to his "letting go". He didn't know who he was anymore and he lost his purpose.

He's my favorite Marvel character for a reason. Transformations, complete mental, physical and emotional are my thing.

As Korg narrates in Love and Thunder, we learn that Thor has taken some time to find himself- his "WHY" for lack of a better word.

Once he starts moving again, doing the things he loves, and working through his emotions, he TRULY believes in himself again. He envisions that GOD he was once.

He is THE Strongest Avenger. PS Grab the hat here- it's worth wearing it at the gym 🤘🏽

From Dad Bod to God Bod

What did he do?

  1. He found his WHY. He rediscovered his values, even after he had lost everything.

  2. He kept fighting. He challenged himself with new work, new experiences and a new "family".

  3. He worked. He worked hard. We're talking running, chain slams, downward dogs, plyometrics and lifting HEAVY shit. AND NEVER SKIPPING LEG DAY!

I can hear it now, "Ok Coach, I got it- he's a fictional character, though."

I call bullshit, I call excuses, and allowing your own limiting beliefs to hold you back.

What can a mere mortal man do though?

  1. Find YOUR WHY! Are you stuck? Come find YOUR why- grab my 5 Words to Finding Your Why: A Cheat Sheet When You're Stuck.

  2. Set some reasonable goals. Remember SMART- Specific, Measurable, Attainable, and Time Bound.

  3. Strength train. Learn to lift. Properly, no swinging weights.

  4. Prioritize Protein. Stop eating so much fat, and drink some water for GODS sakes.

  5. Sleep. Rest. Set a bed time ritual.

  6. Prioritize your mental health. Talk about your emotions with a professional, they can help you work through them. Here is a licensed therapist finder. The unraveling of the knots is the first step.

I'll be honest, it won't be easy, going from a sedentary lifestyle to an active one, digging out past traumas and understanding why you are the way you are. Finding your God Bod (inside and out) is attainable with the right support system, tools, consistency and patience.


I am on a mission to get you from Dad Bod to God Bod with my SIX week jump start online coaching program. There is still time to see a difference and start some habits before we go ALL in January.

What do you get with Metamorphosis Essentials 6 Week Jumpstart?

  • Functionality and body composition Assessments

  • Customized fitness plan via the Relentless Rebel Evolution fitness app

  • ONCE WEEKLY Video Review/Check-ins

  • 1:1 Messaging w Coach Ria

  • Access to nutrition modules, education and meal guides

Sign up here.


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